At Home WOD 2-12-15

2 rounds for time

30 walking lunges

20 v-ups

10 standing broad jumps

At Home WOD 2-11-15

5 rounds for time

100m sprint

:30 second rest





At Home WOD

10 rounds for time

10 squats

10 push ups

10 sit ups


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At Home WOD 2-6-15

5 rounds for time

10 Vertical Jumps (max effort each rep)

30 double unders or 60 single jump ropes


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CrossFit-Games-2015 open


At Home WOD 2-5-15

4 rounds

20 Supermans

15 sit ups

10 push ups

At Home WOD 2-3-15

CrossFit Open 12.1

7 mins of Burpees

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At Home WOD 1-30-15

6 rounds for time:

:30 sec handstand hold against wall or a plank in push up position


:30 second static hold in an active squat or hold an active squat against the wall

**Have to complete a total working time of :30 seconds of the movement before moving on.

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At Home WOD 1-29-15

For Total Time

400 m run

Rest 1 Minute

200m run

Rest 1 Minute

400m run

Rest 1 Minute

200m run

Rest 1 Minute

400m Run


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At Home WOD 1-28-15

For time:

3 Rounds
10 V-Ups or 20 sit ups
15 hand release push ups
20 Walking Lunges
200 m run

At Home WOD 1-27-15

5 rounds for time:

50m sprint
5 burpees
50m sprint
5 burpees

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